Edd Is one of the main characters and one of the three Ed's Off of Ed Edd n Eddy. Just like his 2 best friends Eddy and, Ed he apperars in every Ed Edd n Eddy Episode except one. Edd(Double D) Is Voiced By Samuel Vincent 1999-2009. Edd is Only called Double D because Ed And Edd names sound the same and because Edd has 2 D's in his name That's reason behind it.


Edd(Double D) wears a black sock on his head, A red shirt(Sometimes Orange) and wears purple shorts. He Also seen to have a light ocean blue touge with a tiny gab in his 2 front teeth. In Fact It's unkown what is under Edd's Hat.


Edd is a really smart and kind hearted character, in fact he is the smartest of all characters in Ed Edd n Eddy and he is the one who builds the scams that Eddy Comes Up With. He shows the most kindness to Ed, Sarah, Jimmy, Rolf, Nazz, Jonny and Plank and, May Kanker.

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