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*[[Power Puff Girls]]
*[[Power Puff Girls]]
*[[Codename: Kids next Door]]
*[[Codename: Kids next Door]]
==External Sites==
[ Polish Website]
[ Hungaian Website]
[ Romanian Website]
[ Press Office]

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Cartoon Network CEE
Cartoon Network Logo



Owned By:

Turner Broadcasting

Broadcast Area

Poland, Hungry, Romainia


English, Polish, Hungarian, Romainian

Sister Channels

Boomerang EMEA+CEE

Cartoon Network Classic

Former Logo

Cartoon Network CEE Broadcasts in Poland, Hungry and Romainia. Cartoon Network CEE Is 100% in Polish, Hungry and Romainian Audio and also availible in English Audio, Shows are in English Audios and Promos are only have Backround music with no Commentry.

Current ShowsEdit

External SitesEdit

Polish Website

Hungaian Website

Romanian Website

Press Office

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